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Finally decided

I'm going Friends-Only. Comment, tell me where I know you from, and I'll think about adding you.

Edit: Okay, I'm going to be more specific.

Comment if you aren't already on my friends list. If you are, don't worry about it.
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And to think...

My dad once complained about the fact that he loses the internet connection when he coses his laptop, and that it takes a bit to reconnect.

It takes all of ten seconds for him.

Meanwhile, it can take upwards of five minutes for me to connect. And it disconnects at random intervals, even when I'm doing something. He closes his laptop, he's obviously not in the middle of something. I'm trying to watch something on YouTube, and it decides, "Nah, you don't need to see this" and goes out.

And it's really annoying with how long it takes for me to connect because I was going to look something up on Wikipedia a moment ago, but by the time it finally let me, I had forgotten what I wanted.

What jerk thought wireless internet was a good idea?
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Tron Bonne

Because sharing is caring!

Ugh. Caught a cold from Donna.

Nose is fine, but my throat is kinda sore. Every time I swallow, it feels like I'm also swallowing a coating on my throat, if that makes sense.

Cough drops would probably help, but I'd rather have the mildly-annoying pain than the terrible taste of the medicine.

One of the worst things about being sick, though, is that it screws up my sense of taste, and makes milk disgusting.

So for the next few days, I guess I'm stuck drinking white grape juice.

Also, I finally got the bright idea of pulling the switch down on my fan, so now it's not so hot.
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Once again, the curse rears it's ugly head.


Why do I get spoilers when I'm not looking for them? WHY?!

SPECIFIC SPOILER ALERTS SHOULD BE MANDATORY. How was I supposed to know the ending of the manga would be different from the ending of the anime when it's been the same so far?! Explain what you're spoiling next time!

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Please, I beg of you...let it end...

Just twenty more minutes, and E3 is over.

Yes, G4, I understand that the E3 coverage is sponsored by Scion, Mountain Dew, Art School Confidential, and ITT Tech. Just please demand a certain level of quality before airing their commercials. ITT Tech? That's fine. Art School Confidential? Well, G4, you can't control the quality of the movie itself, so you really can't make the trailer any better. Scion? Annoying, but not worthy of getting up and walking across the room to get the remote so you can mute it. Mountain Dew? I'm going to shove that bottle down someone's throat if I see that commercial again.

And for the first time in my life, I wish to harm cute animals thanks to G4's "Midnight spank" commercials.

Also, Kevin? Stop attacking me with your show.
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Dear "bloggers"

No one wants to see your Winamp Generated Playlist.

This is especially true for people who are looking for the songs that you have listed there.
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I've noticed I tend to update more when I'm bored and really have nothing to say.

Anyway, another list!

Phrases I Wish I Had More Opportunities to Quote

1. "I'm not eating ice cream, you silly man!" -- Iddy Pop, My Life in Blue (funnier in context)
2. "Why is it so big? Oh well, but it's still smaller than Our Royal thing." King of All Cosmos, Katamari Damacy
3. "You must have bananas in your ears!" 188-year-old woman, Startropics

More later, if I can think of any.

Really I can't believe I only have three things in mind right now.

4. And that's terrible.
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It's time for another round of...

"How Many Times Can Denise's Internet Go Out Within a Fifteen-Minute Period?" With your host, Satya!

Satya: No, I quit last time, remember?

Me: Oh. Well...uh...

Satya: You know, you could just say "I hate my internet" and accomplish the same general thing with less creative effort.

Me: You suck as a muse.
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